Profile: State of Oregon

DRAFT – Updated April 11, 2018


Source: Oregon Conservation Education and Assistance Network

  • District association: OACD (Oregon Association of Conservation Districts)
  • Key contact: Executive Director VACANT
  • How many districts? 45 (map)
  • Enabling law: ORS 568
  • Statutory name: Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Abbreviation: SWCD
  • Agency and role: Oregon Department of Agriculture provides oversight, guidance, and grants
  • Primary funding sources: Grants, state agency, local property tax base if approved by voters


  • Board members are called: Directors
  • Board members in each district: 5 or 7 directors
  • How many directors?
  • Elections: Elections run by county on the general ballot


  • Employee association: OCEAN (Oregon Conservation Education and Assistance Network)
  • Key contact: President Jason Faucera, Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District
  • How many employees? 195
  • Employees per district (average): 4.3