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Letter: Support conservation district

WASHINGTON – I’ve always had a great deal of respect for the mission of the Clark Conservation District. I was not surprised by the Clark County Council decision to not “saddle taxpayers with another expense” (“Conservation district going broke,” April 4, The Columbian). Source: Letter: Support conservation district

Working Farmland Protection Program Makes Strides

OREGON – “We are excited to advance our Working Farmland Protection Program with this strategic acquisition,” said EMSWCD Board Chair Rick Till. “This transaction fulfills so many outcomes – buffering neighboring farms from development that could limit their operations, creating exciting prospects for participants in EMSWCD’s Headwaters Incubator […]

In Our View: County Must Save Service

WASHINGTON – Since 1942, the Clark Conservation District has assisted local farmers and other landowners in preserving and effectively tilling their soil… Such services are provided for free, but officials say the district is endangered by a lack of funding. Its annual budget of approximately $350,000 is supported […]

Reeling it in

GUAM – A dozen aspiring fishermen proudly showcased their catch, lending truth to their fish tales as part of the 2018 Kids’ Freshwater Fishing Derby… Partners included the Southern Soil & Water Conservation District, the Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]