New website and network for NCDEA

We Make Conservation Better

The new website for the National Conservation District Employees Association boldly states we make conservation better.  How?  Through collaboration, communication, and championing local conservation.

NCDEA’s new website at https://ncdea.us was developed to help inform people about what NCDEA is and what it does.

Partnerships are central to NCDEA’s work.  We are one of five core members that make up the National Conservation Partnership.


I am pleased to announce that a new slate of NCDEA officers was inducted last week at the NACD annual meeting in San Antonio, TX.  I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with these folks for the past two years so I can personally attest to the quality and commitment they bring to NCDEA.


For the first time in many years, all seven regions of the country are covered by a regional director.

Regional directors are also NCDEA board members.  Find your regional director by visiting the Regions page.

Good changes have occurred with NCDEA

New officers

As noted above, we have new NCDEA officers.  They will serve members well.

Full slate of directors

All regions are covered by regional directors. We are seeing more engagement by state associations of conservation district employee a

Bylaws updated

NCDEA also updated the bylaws to explicitly include tribal conservation district employees as members.  All conservation district employees are members of NCDEA.  While the previous bylaws did not exclude tribal conservation district employees from membership, we wanted to be clearly inclusive so we revised the bylaws to clearly state that tribal conservation district employees are NCDEA members.  Substantial conservation work is happening on tribal lands and providing more connection between state-authorized conservation districts and tribal conservation districts will help build capacity and partnerships.

New website

The board focused the NCDEA Communications Committee (which I chair) on revising the old website.  The Committee worked on this during the latter half of 2018.  The new website was launched at the 2019 NACD annual meeting in San Antonio last week.  Find it at https://ncdea.us.

New national network

At the same time, we also launched a new national network for our members called the NCDEA Network.  Some conservation district professionals are extremely isolated, such as folks in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, and similar places separated by vast distances.  It can be hard to reach out to other conservation district employees to seek advice and build relationships, and hard for others to reach people in those distant places.  The Network is a service that should help build bridges between members.

The NCDEA Network is open to all conservation district employees and we hope you’ll join and participate.  The Network is young so this is the perfect time to become engaged and help shape the evolution of the Network.  Find it at http://ncdea.net.

Centralized communications and document management

NCDEA also moved the internal communication and document management for the Association to a G Suites account.  This helps with branding and will also help maintain the knowledge base as people move in and out of leadership over the years.

Coming up

We kept the old website alive for now.  That means there are three web addresses to remember:

NCDEA is still working on dates for the mid-year board meeting.  I’ll share that information as soon as I know.  We’re talking about Santa Fe or Taos, New Mexico.

The NACD summer meeting is scheduled for August 2-6 in Santa Fe, NM.

Your feedback is always welcome

I welcome your feedback.

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