National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) Brief and Talking Points

The National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) – made up of the five core national partners: NACD, NRCS, NCDEA, NASCA, and NARC&DC – released the attached talking points and briefer today.

Also attached, you’ll find a cover letter signed by NRCS’ Astor Boozer and NASCA’s Mike Brown explaining the significance of the Partnership and the importance of these overview documents.

Please share this message and attachments with your conservation district peers.

What is NCPP?

From the brief linked above:

The National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) represents the efforts of five key national conservation partners to reinvigorate conservation planning by enhancing and strengthening the effectiveness of planning and our partnership workforce.

 In 2015, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the National Association of Conservation Districts, the National Association of State Conservation Agencies, the National Conservation District Employees Association, and the National Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils signed a memorandum of understanding to bring our staff and members’ greatest skills, strengths, and passion to this endeavor.

 As NCPP efforts grow, we are looking to expand the partnership to leverage all of the possible resources in the conservation planning arena.

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