Job: Resource Educator at Riverside-Corona RCD (California)



Resource Educator (2017)


The Resource Educator is a part time position for the Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District (RCRCD) in Riverside, California. The Resource Educator helps conduct the District’s conservation education, outreach, and volunteer programs.


  1. Conducts education programs for classes and youth groups, one for water conservation, one for recycling education. Is able to inspire and motivate students by engaging them in a hands-on activity.
  1. Engages the public at outreach events with booths, information, and hands-on

activities. Plans for, and assists with 10-20 events per year, such as Earth Night, I Love Riverside (Citizen Science), and Riverside Neighborhood Conferences.

  1. Assists with RCRCD volunteer and citizen science programs, if needed.
  1. Assists with education programs including distribution, ordering and organization of materials.
  1. Assists with reporting, scheduling, planning, and social media, as needed.
  1. Assists with meetings and tours of the LandUse Learing Center, if needed.
  1. Conducts other related duties as requested by the Public Affairs Manager,

District Manager, and Senior Resource Educator.


  1. Basic knowledge of natural resources and general understanding of resource conservation.
  1. Ability to interact and communicate effectively with the public of all ages and with educational professionals. Ability to speak before groups and adjust programs for different age levels.
  1. Knowledge of human developmental levels and the ability to adjust curriculum for those levels.
  1. Ability to write effectively and make regular reports.
  1. Ability to plan and organize work and programs and to keep accurate records. Must be able to work independently.
  1. Must possess a current, valid California Driver’s License.
  1. Must be available to work weekends, early mornings, evenings, and outdoors, as needed.
  1. Must be able to lift 40 lbs.
  1. Must be able to sit and stand for long periods of time.


The Resource Educator is under the direct supervision of the Public Affairs Manager. The Senior Resource Educator will train and coordinate with the Resource Educator. The District Manager will resolve conflicts in assignments.


The position is part time, 40 hours per pay period.

Salary range: $18 – $28 per hour, commensurate to experience and education.

After one-year probation: vacation, sick leave.

Shelli Lamb
District Manager
Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District
4500 Glenwood Dr
Riverside, CA 92501

For more information, contact Diana Ruiz at 909 238-8338 or

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